How to get ATM Debit Card Without Bank Account in Nepal

A smartphone with a mobile number with Internet access is the only tool one needs to make payments quickly and conveniently.

Can I get ATM Debit Card Without Bank Account in Nepal?

Yes, and It’s Free. Now you can able to have an ATM Debit card without a bank account in Nepal.

How can I get ATM Debit Card Without Bank Account in Nepal?

It’s simple, you can create a wallet account from your phone. You have to verify your wallet account by submitting the KYC form then you are able to get an ATM debit card.

Basic Requirements
  1. Must-Have Citizenship to Verify your KYC of Wallet
  2. A smartphone to Install Wallet App
  3. Nepali phone number to create a wallet account
Create your Account and Get Free ATM Debit Card
  1. Download IMEpay App – Click to Download Free
  2. Use this referral code to get Rs. 25 for Registration
    Referral code “CS1284204
  3. Create an account, submit the KYC form to verify your account
  4. Once your account gets verified, you can get a Card
  5. Contact IMEpay (Toll-Free No. : 16600161616) (Phone: 01 4217601 / 4217600)
    IMEpay WhatsApp: (+977 9803556655)
  6. Ask them to provide the contact number of the nearest branch, you can visit their branch with your ID (Citizenship) to get a card instantly.
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