How to Find Jobs in Japan for Nepali Students

There are many opportunities for students to find work in Japan. While most jobs will require some knowledge of Japanese, there are a number of positions that are available for those who do not speak the language. Many students choose to work in customer service or retail positions, as these jobs typically have lower language requirements. Other popular options include working as an English tutor or assistant, in a restaurant, or at a hotel. There are also a number of opportunities to work in the tourism industry. Students should research the different types of work available and make sure they have the necessary skills before applying for any position.

Best Jobs Sites in Japan for Nepalese

Best Job Hunting Websites in Japan for Nepali

There are many great job websites in Japan that can help you find a job that’s right for you. Here are some of the top ones:

  1. Rikunabi:
  2. Mynavi:
  3. Indeed:
  4. Gaijinpot:
  5. Yolo Japan:
  6. Jobs in Japan:
  7. Japan Dev:
  8. Job Tree Japan:
  9. Work Japan:
  10. Hello Work:

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