11 Cheapest Domain Registration Service in 2022

11 Cheapest Domain Registration Service in

This guide will tell you about the most affordable domain registrars that will register your chosen name with the domain registry before you can use it online.

While the registration process is simple, there are many things you need to consider before signing the virtual dotted lines. These include cost, support, and user experience.

Are you unsure of what a concise domain name would look like for your company? Are you unsure what domain name best representing your company? Don’t worry! We can help you find the right domain for your venture.

11 Cheapest .com domain Registration

RegistrarOffer PriceCoupon CodeRegister
123 Reg$2.53Pre-appliedRegister Now
Cosmotown$4.59COM22Register Now
Z.com$4.97Pre-appliedRegister Now
Godaddy.com$4.99Pre-appliedRegister Now
Atak Domain$4.99Pre-appliedRegister Now
NameCheap$5.98NEWCOM598Register Now
Blacknight$5.99Pre-appliedRegister Now
SAV$6.95Pre-appliedRegister Now
Papaki$6.90Pre-appliedRegister Now
Porkbun$8.13AWESOMENESSRegister Now
IONOS Bonus$6.00Pre-appliedRegister Now

1. 123-reg.co.uk

We’re going to take a look over one of most well-known UK web hosting companies that is the 123-Reg. However, just because a web hosting provider is popular doesn’t necessarily indicate that it’s a great price.

With a large enough marketing budget, nearly every business can attract new customers and succeed. We’ll go deep into the prices, features and features and show you how they compare to the competitors.

  • Most popular domain registrar across the world
  • UK’s no.1 registrar and hosting provider
  • Secure and reliable
  • Word class support
  • Cheap domain name registration
  • Include free domain on hosting plan
  • Free Email, SSL, SEO tools

2. Cosmotown

Cosmotown is one of the cheapest domain registrars, you can register you domain name and manage them as you wish.

Hadquarters located in Menlo Park, California. Our premium DNS runs on the Afilias infrastructure, which boasts one of the best up-time guarantees in the business.

  • Cheap Domain Name Registration
  • Update Nameserver, lock/unlock, EPP code

3. Z.com

Z.com forms part of GMO Internet Group, a multinational company that has been providing online services since 1991. Z.com has an impressive coverage that extends across Asia up towards Europe in Europe and North America, though they’re located in Japan. 

They host over 750,000 sites and can host anything from a modest personal site to a large-traffic and resource-intensive online store. But they do offer WordPress hosting is popular with numerous users since they have excellent features and reasonable prices.

  • Best domain registration providers
  • Web hosting and email hosting services
  • Free domains include on web hosting package
  • Live chat support

4. Godaddy

Are you wondering what GoDaddy is? If you are thinking of creating websites what are the first products that come to thoughts? GoDaddy was founded in 1997. GoDaddy provides tools for creating professional websites. They’re arguably the most popular domain registrar as well as web hosting provider.

In addition to these two services, GoDaddy offers a wide variety of other services such as eCommerce options, SSL certificates, professional business email, website builders and many more.

If you’ve never created or run a site prior to now, GoDaddy’s options may appear a bit confusing. Many new business owners and amateurs purchase bundles in the misconception that these choices are necessary for running the website.

  • Most popular and trusted domain registrar among the worlds
  • Wide verity of services (Domain, Hosting, Server, SSL etc.)
  • NVMe SSD Storage

5. ATAK Domain

Atak Domain / AtakTeknoloji company was founded in 2003. Experience of more than 18 years of global domain names registration. They have been keeping track of the world’s trends since its inception and has embraced customer satisfaction as the main goal by implementing a quality-oriented concept to international standards and a robust technological infrastructure.

  • Turkey based domain registration company
  • Free domain reseller panel
  • Free .me domain include on web hosting
  • Email, SSL, DNS management, Domain Control

6. Namecheap

If you’re in search of the most reliable domain name registration services for your next project, Namecheap is an alternative to consider. In the beginning, they provide an affordable price, and a range of options.

The company was founded as a domain registrar back in 2000. Its successes in this field resulted in Namecheap to offer additional services like hosting. Now, it serves over 11 million customers, and hosts more than three million domains.

  • Popular domain registration providers
  • Free DNS management, privacy lock
  • Cheap and best web hosting services
  • Best WordPress managed hosting

7. Blacknight

With its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, Blacknight Solutions provides domain names and shared hosting services, as well as email hosting dedicated servers, VPS hosting and SSL certificates. 

These hosting packages aren’t too large in terms of resources and there’s not a choice to manage WordPress hosting (although it is possible to certainly download WordPress in any one of the plans).

  • One of the best domain name registrars
  • Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud Hosting
  • Site backup and SSL
  • Trusted and secured provider

8. SAV

Sav is a top ICANN registered domain name registry who enables creators to effectively and efficiently transform their idea into a brand-new digital identity by using domain names, web sites and email.

  • Trusted domain registration service
  • Free DNS management, privacy, instant nameserver update
  • List domain for sale or buy premium one


Papaki provides a variety of web hosting services and related services, including shared web hosting and hosted WordPress hosting SSL certificate, as well as domain registration.

  • Domain registration and transfer services
  • Share and Managed WordPress hosting
  • Managed woocommerce hosting
  • Semi Dedicated hosting
  • SSL and Business email solutions

10. Porkbun

If you’re just beginning and want an easy and quick website to use with a new domain that you’ve purchased, it’s possible to do better than Porkbun. The domain control panel and setting sections are awesome and easy to use.

Porkbun is a relative newcomer to this scene. It gotten its start with the Ice Bucket Challenge. The business has established an impression through the sale of…, well… domain names. It sells domain names and web hosting.

  • Great domain registration services
  • Free whois privacy, free SSL, Transfer
  • Web hosting, business email hosting
  • Free forever WordPress hosting

11. IONOS Bonus

A pioneer in the field of internet-based services, IONOS was founded in Germany in 1988. It provides services to many nations which include those from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This giant of web hosting employs over 7,000 workers and hosts more than 12 million websites.

It offers a wide selection of services You can buy domain names web builder, dedicated servers and more. However, in this review we’ll focus upon WordPress hosting, which is one of its most popular offerings.

  • Greate domain registration services
  • Huge storage for all users
  • SSL, Webmail, Domain management
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